Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

Parents, we’re here for you.  This is your place to find out what’s happening in the world of child nutrition.  Bookmark this page so that you can find out what you want to know about helping your child grow up happy and healthy through right diet and exercise.  We’ve even got links here to our payment system and menus so that you can know what your child is eating today and tomorrow and even next week! Wish you knew more?  Just let us know or browse through our helpful links on this page to help you take care of the ones you care so much about.

Food Waste Tips (in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese)

Healthy Snack Day Resources

Recipe Snack Card- Crunchy

Recipe Snack Card-Savory

Recipe Snack Card- Sweet

Recipe Snack Card- Spicy

Kid Friendly Snack Ideas

The Fruit Guys School Nutrition Resources



Adventure To Fitness

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